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Osmocote Bloom


As a result of the unique resin coating technology of Everris, Osmocote Bloom for bedding plants has a very regular release pattern. Osmocote Bloom is especially suitable for use in short bedding plants cultures from 6 weeks up to 3 months. For other bedding plant types we recommend using Osmocote Exact Standard High K 3-4M or 5-6M.



  • NPK ratio of 2 : 1 : 3 is perfect for condensed growth in bedding plants;
  • Mini granule ideal for mixing in small pots and packs;
  • Easy to use, at full rates no need for water soluble fertilizers;
  • Improved shelf life of bedding plants in the trade and the consumer phase;
  • Full trace element package and elevated trace element level;
  • 100% coated NPK, and traces; plants are supplied with all the necessary nutrients during the total crop cycle.