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Absheron peninsula has always been famous for its fertile soil, used for cultivation of various crops and cucurbitaceae, cereals, and garden plants since time immemorial. At the same time, Absheron enjoys a venerable place in floriculture, plant breeding and selection.

Our goal is to take a leadership position in the market, saturate and meet our customers’ needs, provide high-quality service for plant care and design of gardens, landscapes and business offices, wedding ceremonies and other celebrations. Another primary objective is to initiate large-scale export of our goods to CIS countries (Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan), Turkey and other nearby states.

The total area of ​​the complex, consisting of 6 sections, is 18 hectares. Each section contains seeds and seedlings, indoor and outdoor plants cultivated, as well as plants treated with special care. We grow the flower crops traditional for the local environment, as well as varieties of trees and plants which rare for the region and imported from abroad. In addition, more than 350 types of flowers are grown here. The current production capacity of the enterprise is 1.6 million plant and flower shrubs per year. Our flowers, bushes and ornamental and fruit trees can be ordered and purchased at special sales centers.


We have a number of indisputable advantages over other companies specialized in cultivating and selling plants:

  • Flexible and low prices, due to the fact that we do not buy grown plants, but grow them from seeds and seedlings;
  • We use modern and environmentally friendly cultivation technologies, as well as the safest fertilizers for plants and people;
  • We sell our own products through our chain of stores without intermediaries and other intermediate links that does positively affect pricing;
  • We provide quality assurance for our products and after-sales services to our customers.

In the nearest future we want to make a statement to maximize a number of people who know about us and get the customers and partners to our side.

We are also planning to arrange master classes for everyone who wants to learn the subtleties of Japanese art of eekbans, as well as creating accessories and decoration from live flowers.

In the long term, we plan to participate in international flower exhibitions to exchange professional experience with foreign specialists, as well as demonstrate the successes and achievements of Azerbaijan florists.

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Zira Flower Complex actively cooperates with well-known European companies from Holland. Among them are such recognizable crop producing brands as Dames Plant, Mark Flowers, Hans Visser and Fachja. They supply high-quality seeds and seedlings grown locally. The nice and practical indoor and outdoor accessories offered are supplied by the German, Turkish and Australian manufacturers such as Vasso, Scheurich, Capi, Nieuwkoop, Classico and Jodeco officially represented and distributed by us. Among our partners are also soil producers among which the widely used are Oligra and Tropical.